What is activated alumina properties?  As activated alumina supplier, we says the activated alumina properties.

Activated alumina is the superior adsorbent or desiccant for separation, adsorption, purification and many other applications. Along with its development of specialized and customized alumina
targeted to specific applications( not promoted activated alumina and promoted activated alumina), activated alumina provide the best, most cost-effective solutions. Applications include: removal of toxic metals and hazardous substances from water, chloride removal, gas and liquid dehydration,  pharmaceutical purification and decolorization, hydrocarbon purification and others.
What is Activated Alumina?
Activated alumina is an inorganic substance produced by the dehydration of alumina hydroxide at 300-500℃. The material is highly porous and high surface area, resulting in superior adsorbent capabilities. It is resistant to thermal shock and high abrasion and no soften or disintegrate when immersed in water.
Alumina possesses amphoteric properties allowing it to act as either an acid or a base. The ability to alter its pore or particle size provides it with a spectrum of unique biological and physical properties that can address specific desiccant and/or separating needs.
The Activated Alumina Advantage
For years, silica gel has been the mainstay desiccant agent in industrial and laboratory use. In practice, activated alumina advantages that include:
•Greater surface area, upwards of more than 350 m²/gram. As some special activated alumina and promoted activated alumina, its surface area is 130-350m2/g.
•Superior amphoteric properties
•Superior stability over a broad pH range
•No degradation high pressure and  high temperature
•Superior bonding to acidic materials
•Strong affinity for halides.
•Low abrasion and high crushing strength
Applications for Activated Alumina
Adsorption and removal of arsenic, lead, copper, fluoride and other heavy metals
Water Purification
Gas and Liquid Dehydration
Hydrocarbon purification
Peroxide purification
PCB purification
For Cleanup, Drying and Purification
Activated alumina should be the first choice for separation, desiccant and purification needs and applications.ZIBO XIANGRUN and SHANDONG BAIRUI should be your
only choice for purchasing it. You will be pleased that you have chosen wisely.
You should know activated alumina properties in these words. Waiting for our cooperation soon!



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