Catalyst Support Alumina media

Catalyst support alumina media-inert alumina balls include 92% and 99% alumina ceramic balls.

High alumina ceramic ball for catalyst supporting we produced is widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer industry, nature gas and environmental protection. As the catalyst support & covering, it can expand distribution of gas or liquid, support and protect those activated catalyst of a low strength, absorb the impact from the gas or liquid in the device.

Our alumina ball product series include: alumina grinding ball for grinding, alumina packing balls and inert alumina ball/ceramic ball for tower packing, catalyst bed support, column internals and catalyst carrier.

92% and 95% alumina balls could used for grinding media.

Our Alumina grinding ball is used as grinding media for ceramic body and glaze preparation. Due to the excellent wear resistance and hardness, it is suitable for both wet and dry grinding in both continuous ball mill and batch ball mill.

Catalyst support alumina media is also called inert balls or bed support alumina balls. It is a high grade alumina balls.


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