Zibo Xiangrun and Shandong Bairui could produce several types of sulfur recovery catalyst. TiO2 and AL2O3 for sulfur recovery catalyst is one of sulfur recovery catalyst.

The different content of TIO2 and AL2O3 bring different alumina catalyst and alumina adsorbent, like more than 85% T1O2 or 4-8% TiO2. TiO2 and AL2O3 for sulfur recovery catalyst is very excellent TiO2 and AL2O3 alumina beads.

XR401@T TiO2-based AL2O3 catalyst not only applies for Claus recovery unit in petrochemical and coal chemical industry, but also for the sulfur recovery unit with catalytic oxidation technology(like, Clinsuef); It could be used in first-level reactor’s the whole bed or  any layer with different functions or type. Filling in first level reactor could improve the rate of hydrolysis of organic sulfur, and, two level and three level reactor ensure  high total sulfur conversion rate.

Xiangrun PSR Series SRU Claus catalyst

PSR Catalyst Chemical Composition
PSR-1 CR Al2O3
PSR-21(XR401) CRS TiO2/Al2O3
PSR-31(XR401@T) CRS-31 TiO2
PSR-41 AM FeSO4/ Al2O3
PSR-51 TG Co-Mo/Al2O3

Zibo Xiangrun could produce Fe2O3 and AL2O3 alumina beads, ZnO2, Na2O and AL2O3 adsorbent, KMNO4 and AL2O3 adsorbents and other alumina catalyst. When you have some requirement on the alumina beads, please ask us. As alumina factory, we could help you.


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