What is activated alumina?

If you are use activated alumina, you should know what is activated alumina.

activated alumina

activated alumina

1. The act of reacting quickly or promoting a rapid reaction
Catalyst activity
2. [avidity]: A characteristic of an antibody (as an antitoxin), that is, the nature of the antibody that strengthens the rate and firmness of its binding to the antigen
Activated Alumina or Reactive alumina; activated aluminium oxide. The use of alumina in the catalyst is generally referred to as “activated alumina”, which is a porous, highly dispersible solid material with a large surface area with its microporous surface required for catalytic properties such as Adsorption properties, surface activity, excellent thermal stability, and the like, and are widely used as catalysts and catalyst carriers for chemical reactions. Spherical activated alumina oil pressure adsorbent for the white spherical porous particles, active alumina particle size uniformity, smooth surface, mechanical strength, strong hygroscopicity, not after the water does not shrink to maintain the original state, non-toxic, odorless, insoluble Water, ethanol. Activated alumina is a highly dry desiccant that dries in depth. Very suitable for non-thermal regeneration device.
Activity: the original from the solution of the activity of the ion and enzyme activity began, up to the senior life system and physiological activities of the functional activities are applicable to a very general non-specialized terminology. Activity is a kind of activity with the vitality can be tenacious and active.


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