XRBR Activated alumina pellets

activated alumina

Zibo xiangrun and Shandong Bairui Chemical Co.,Ltd professionally manufacture all kinds of activated alumina pellets.  XR activated alumina could costly reduce your cost and time. Activated alumina pellets are white, spherical and porous granule with smooth surface, high mechanical strength, strong hydroscopicity, non-cracking and odorless alumina pellets. It is not soluble in water and alcohol.

In below, you could find our series of activated alumina pellets.

1. Activated alumina desiccant
2. Activated alumina for air dryers
3. Activated alumina for air seperation
4. Activated alumina for removal of chloride
5. Activated alumina for removal of COS
6. Activated alumina used in polymer, polyurethane, and polyethylene purification
7. Activated alumina for water treatment
8. Activated alumina used in hydrogen peroxide
9. Activated Alumina For Defluorination In Hydrofluoric Alkylation
10. Specialized Activated Alumina for PTA
11. Activated alumina impregnated with Sodium permanganate
12. Promoted activated alumina(TiI2, Fe2O3, CO-MO, and others)

13. Sulfur recovery catalyst

Regeneration of activated alumina:

When activated alumina place a certain time or use some time, and it is no longer effective and must be regenerated. The regeneration temperature is 170-230°C. The actual temperature is set by the design of the unit.

The bed outlet temperature should always be lower than the inlet during heating. If the outlet temperature increase higher than the inlet, so please stop the heating immediately. It indicates that a heat-releasing reaction may be occurring. Close the inlet and outlet valves to the vessel being heated, depressurize it to the flare, and purge it with nitrogen.

During regeneration, the alumina bed may be as hot as 260°C. Always check the temperature in the cooling outlet after regeneration to ensure the bed is cool before exposing it to the feed stream. The adsorbent has high heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. It can stay hot for weeks if a shutdown occurs before the bed has been completely cooled. For systems with automatic switching, always check following a shutdown to ensure that a hot bed is not switched from cooling prematurely.

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